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The compass found in DayZ.
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • To find cardinal directions
Location(s): • Residential • Supermarkets
Rarity: Uncommon
A magnetic compass that contains a magnet which interacts with the earth's magnetic field and aligns itself to point to the magnetic poles.
— In-game description[1]</div>

The compass is a device that is used for finding magnetic north in DayZ.


The compass is used by equipping it into the player's hands by clicking and dragging it over. Then bring the compass up (Default: Space bar) and open it (Default: F). From there it is used like one would use it in real life.

The compass will always point to magnetic north and from there the other cardinal directions (north, east, south, west) can be determined. The compass occupies one inventory slot, and can be uncommonly found in residential loot spawns and supermarkets.

A compass can be damaged if the player is hit in the clothing that contains the compass. A damaged compass will have cracked glass which hinders the ability to see the dial and read the directions.


  • Players can see the direction that their character is heading by using the inspect option on the compass in the inventory. It is very useful because players can run whilst looking in their inventory and not have to waste their time equipping it.

Image gallery

Compass A compass in pristine and worn condition.

Compass (damaged) A compass in damaged and badly damaged condition.

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