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Crafting is taking an item and changing it or combining multiple items into something else.

Currently only a few items can be crafted in DayZ. Some are as simple as purified water, where others are more complex. As more become available they will be located here.

First aid


Name Supplies needed Purpose
Rags s


T-Shirt, shirt, or bandana

Administer to stop bleeding


Rags × 3 or bandage × 1 and Wooden stick × 1

Administer to mend a broken leg

Saline bag IV s

Saline bag IV

Saline bag and IV start kit

Administer to replenish 500 blood



Name Supplies needed Purpose

Expanded map

Multiple adjoining map sections

Connects adjoining map sections to create a more complete map. N to S, E to W.

Improvised courier bag s
Improvised courier bag Functions as a small backpack (12 slots).
Improvised backpack s
Improvised backpack Functions as a backpack (20 slots).



Name Supplies needed Purpose

Purified water

Water purification tablets and a full canteen or waterbottle.

Purifies water for safe drinking.



Name Supplies needed Purpose

Sawed-off Izh43 shotgun

Izh43 shotgun and a hacksaw.

Killing people/zombies, hunting.

Painted mosin
Colored weapon Weapon and a spraycan. Camouflaging, personalising.

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