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This page is part of a Project.
Please visit the DayZ:Projects page for additional information on how to assist with this effort.

Goals[edit source]

  • A complete revamp of our catalogue of information regarding a player's overall state of being.
  • Complete merger of all relevant information into the Character Status article.
  • Fact-checking of the entire contents of the article, particularly numbers.
  • All-new images to accompany the article(s): status indicators, categories, and infographics.

Information to be Updated[edit source]

  1. Character Status
    1. Energy
    2. Hydration
    3. Blood
    4. Health
    5. Stomach
    6. Natural Regeneration
    7. Bleeding, Consciousness, Injuries
    8. Illness & Diseases
    9. Temperature & Humidity
    10. Stamina
  2. Medical Supplies

Articles to be Merged[edit source]

  1. Health