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This page is part of a Project.
Please visit the DayZ:Projects page for additional information on how to assist with this effort.


  • New/updated site-wide infobox templates.
  • Improvements to existing infoboxes for things like Weapons; remove unnecessary values and add new useful ones.
  • Complete review of all articles using infoboxes; replace existing template text with a "fresh sheet" and combine cherry-picked previous info with newly mined data.
  • Make sure that Removed Content and Planned articles get updated also.
  • Funnel finished efforts for this and Templates into the updated Community Portal, especially best practices.

Templates to be Updated[]

Name Purpose
{{Ammunition Template}} For Ammunition
{{Attachment Template}} For Attachments
{{Backpack Template}} For Backpacks
{{Building Template}} For Buildings
{{Clothing Template}} For Clothing (not Backpacks)
{{Container Template}} For Containers
{{Equipment Template}} For Equipment
{{Food Template}} For Food and Drink
{{Location}} For Locations
{{Magazine Template}} For Magazines
{{Medical Template}} For Medical Supplies
{{MeleeWeapon Template}} For Melee Weapons
{{Weapon-Ranged}} For Ranged Weapons
{{Vehicle Template}} For Vehicles
{{Wildlife Template}} For Wildlife

Templates to be Added[]