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This page is part of a Project.
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  • Update and finish all faction pages, fix errors etc.
  • Update all imagery of the lore pages, find substantial info to suffice user needs on the lore pages.
  • Locate info from previous BI titles that connect to DayZ's lore, such as Arma:2 and Operation Flashpoint etc.

Articles to be Updated[]

  1. Factions
    1. Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF)
    2. Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ)
    3. National Party (NAPA)
    4. Russian Armed Forces (RUS)
    5. United Nations (UN)
    6. United States Marine Corps (US/27th MEU)
  2. Countries
    1. Chernarus
    2. Soviet Union (USSR)
    3. Takistan
  3. People
    1. Aleksei Vasilii Guba
  4. Chernarus (Country)
    1. Chernarus Fire Department
    2. Chernarus Police Department
    3. South Zagoria
    4. Green Sea