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This page is part of a Project.
Please visit the DayZ:Projects page for additional information on how to assist with this effort.

Project Overview[]

This project is meant to completely overhaul all of the existing information, data, formatting and images on weapons as well as add new or missing information.


Since this project is quite large and covers many pages, this will be broken down into goals/subgoals rather than a simple list.

Gather Existing Data[]

  • Gather and document all relevant information on weapons, tools, ammo, damage systems, attachments and magazines from the 1.0 game files.   Done
  • Create a list of all the existing weapon, tool, ammo, attachment, magazine and list pages. Document pages with out of date information.   Done
  • Verify that each individual weapon, tool, ammo, attachment or magazine page has the correct image(s). Document those that do not.   Done
  • Create a list of weapons, tools, ammo, attachments, magazines and list pages that need to be created.   Done

Create List Pages[]

Create a list page, with images, relevant data and links, for each of the following:

  • Melee Weapons   Done
  • Tools   Done
  • Ranged Weapons   Done
  • Explosive Weapons   Done
  • Planned Weapons   Done
  • Ammunition   Done
  • Attachments   Done
  • Magazines   Done

Create New Template Pages[]

  • Create updated Infobox template for melee weapons   Done
  • Create updated Infobox template for ranged weapons   Done
  • Create updated Infobox template for explosive weapons
  • Create updated Infobox template for ammunition   Done
  • Create updated Infobox template for magazines   Done
  • Create updated Infobox template for attachments   Done
  • Create melee weapon "template" page
  • Create ranged weapon "template" page   Done
  • Create explosive weapon "template" page

Create New Individual Pages[]

  • Melee Weapons - Done as of: 1.01.150627
  • Tools
  • Ranged Weapons - Done as of: 1.01.150627
  • Explosive Weapons
  • Ammunition - Done as of: 1.01.150627
  • Magazines - Done as of: 1.01.150627
  • Attachments - Done as of: 1.01.150627
  • Rifle Zeroing
  • Combat Mechanics
  • Melee Damage Types

Update Existing Individual Pages[]

  • Melee Weapons   Done
  • Tools
  • Ranged Weapons   Done
  • Explosive Weapons
  • Ammunition   Done
  • Magazines   Done
  • Attachments   Done

Overhaul Weapons/Main[]

Weapons/Main should be the landing page for any weapon queries and should link to all relevant weapons, tools, ammo, attachments, magazines or mechanics pages. The following changes should be made:

  • Separate sections and subsections for each kind of weapon   Done
  • Lists moved off to their own separate pages   Done
  • Better descriptions and more information given about weapon and weapon categories
  • Relevant images so the page isn't just a bunch of formatted text
  • Links to all combat, mechanic, damage system related pages

Individual Page Checklist[]

  1. Correct/Update item name (for 1.0)
  2. Correct image & image formatting
  3. Verify the correct Infobox template is in use
  4. Verify the correct page template is in use
  5. Correct/Update Infobox stats & values
  6. Verify correct spawn location in Infobox
  7. Correct/Update in-game description
  8. Correct and updated explanation
  9. Add explanation if none exists
  10. Add "Uses" table for tools and melee weapons
  11. Update damage values for 1.0 (if applicable)
  12. Correct/Update attachments (if applicable)
  13. Correct/Update recipe data (if applicable)
  14. Correct/Update recipe images (if applicable)
  15. Correct/Update Trivia section (if applicable)
  16. Correct/Update/Add links to applicable list pages (weapon type or item type)
  17. Correct/Update/Add misc. links where applicable
  18. Correct/Update/Add applicable "Category" links to bottom of the page
  19. Add Category:Updated for 1.0 to "Category" links to the bottom of the page

Project Locations[]

Links to the relevant pages, work in progress and status can be found at DayZ:Projects/Weapons/Pages
Links to existing pages and their status can be found at DayZ:Projects/Weapons/ExistingPages
A list of pages to be created and their status can be found at DayZ:Projects/Weapons/NewPages


Minor to-do list

  • Add switch statement on RangedInfobox for noise and dexterity to automatically add loud, slow, fast, etc.
  • Fix RangedInfobox template to hide Attachment section if none present
  • Update MeleeInfobox template with minor changes/updates
  • Update RangedInfobox & RangedWeaponPage templates with minor changes/updates
  • Update MeleeInfobox, RangedInfobox, AmmoInfobox and RangedWeaponPage documentation pages with better parameter explanation, and examples
  • Add template category to all new templates
  • Change tables from vertical to horizontal on Attachments page