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This page is part of a Project.
Please visit the DayZ:Projects page for additional information on how to assist with this effort.



  • Bring the current wiki catalogue up to reasonable standards and clear the backlog of needed regular maintenance.
  • Dissect and upgrade the core structure of the wiki site to remove outdated code & sources of information in addition to making accommodations for future improvements.
  • Analyze current user behavior and traffic data to create a plan for enhancing how users interact with the catalogue.
  • Refresh the look of the site with the help of new visual assets and color palettes, along with careful consideration to formatting.
  • Lay the foundation for users to have the tools they need and make it easy to find help when they need it. Create a plan for regular maintenance of the site (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Adopt the stance of a neutral party. We are not in the business of giving out advice or telling users how they should play the game, we only provide information and allow players to interpret and use it as they see fit. We are a library.
  • Implement new tools, methods, and features gained from the experience of other big wikis and veteran administrators & editors.


  1. Major Maintenance -- Review the entire catalogue, update key information, identify outdated articles, assess what images are needed, reorganize & merge existing assets, fully separate Mod & Standalone content, and develop a long-term maintenance plan.
  2. Structural Improvements -- Rework the front page, clean up article code, improve citation, and create new notice templates & update existing ones.
  3. User Interaction Improvements -- Gather feedback from editors & regular users, enhance documentation of historical info for all files & articles, and curate external resources.
  4. Visual Improvements -- New logo, new style elements.
  5. Initiatives for the Future
    1. Overhauls of Existing Categories
      1. Locations
      2. Health (headed by Tatanko)
      3. Loot
      4. Weapons
      5. Clothing
      6. Equipment
      7. Vehicles
      8. Crafting
      9. Unified Landscape Article
      10. Important Mod Wiki Updates
    2. Additional Wiki Upgrades
      1. Dedicated Space for User Projects
      2. New and Improved Infoboxes
      3. "Living Museum" Concept
    3. New Content
      1. A Focus on Combat Mechanics
      2. A Complete Library of Books (headed by TeriyakiAsthma)
      3. The Lore of Chernarus (headed by Rustycaddy)
      4. Supported Technology (headed by Tatanko)
      5. The Experimental Branch (headed by Tatanko)
      6. The Development History of DayZ Standalone
      7. Discussing the User Interface
      8. Documentation of Game Controls
      9. Explaining the Game's Settings