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This page provides a list of the most important and commonly used templates at this wiki. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it. For a list of all templates in the wiki, categorized into the various subcategories see Category:Templates.

What are Templates?[]

Wiki templates provide a means to insert the same content over and over in different (or the same) pages. This saves editors the hassle of duplicating the same text again and again, and also helps ensure consistency. Templates are generally shown with the format required to use the template (e.g. {{Stub}}). Clicking the template name takes you to the template's page, where you can see what it looks like and how it is used.

For a more general explanation of what templates are and how they are used, see wikipedia Help:Templates.

Notice Templates[]

Notice templates are used when it's important for visitors of the wiki to know something about an article before they begin reading it. They should generally be placed at the very top of a page unless you only want to mark a section for "treatment" -- then they should be at the top of that specific section.

Maintenance notices are considered more important than their awareness counterparts, and should therefore be placed at the top of the page first before adding awareness notices below them.


Maintenance notices are used if you see that something is out of order with an article and want to bring it to the attention of other editors or administrators. They display a box describing the issue and add the page to the appropriate maintenance category automatically.

When a page requires multiple maintenance notices (such as Outdated and Images Needed), they should be arranged according to importance. Maintenance tags are color-coded to clearly show the hierarchy of importance: red, orange, yellow, and blue are most-to-least important in that order. These notices have been assigned their importance based on the idea that the accuracy and currency of an article's content is the #1 priority in maintaining the wiki.

Name Purpose
{{Citation needed}} This file or article requires additional citation.
{{Cleanup}} This article needs general help meeting quality standards.
{{Delete}} Article/file should be deleted.
{{Images needed}} This article is missing some necessary images.
{{Merge}} This article should be merged with another article.
{{Move}} This article should be renamed.
{{Outdated}} Needs updated to match the current game version.
{{Reupload}} Image should be updated/improved/replaced.
{{Stub}} This article needs to be expanded.


This type of template is used to call attention to a specific aspect of the page, such as the fact that it is part of a project or only pertains to something tangentially related to the game. Notices such as Experimental Content or Historical Content, for example, are used to indicate when an article is about something in DayZ which is not currently available to players.

Name Purpose
{{Bohemia Maps}} Used to indicate that an article is about a map from another Bohemia game.
{{Experimental content}} Indicates that this article is about something which is not yet on the Stable branch, but is usable on Experimental.
{{Historical content}} Used for articles which are about content that is no longer usable by players, but was available in the past.
{{Operation Flashpoint Assets}} These are articles or files which date back to the game Operation Flashpoint by Bohemia.
{{Project}} Tells users that this page is part of a project, and is a work-in-progress.
{{Unreleased content}} These are articles about items or concepts which may potentially be added in the future, but are not currently available.
{{Not spawning}} These are articles about items that are currently not spawning in the game world.
{{Inaccessible Location}} These are articles about locations that are referenced in the game world but not part of any map.

Infobox Templates[]

Infobox templates are usually called using parameters, i.e. each infobox has different values which need to be defined when calling it. Find the template you need from the list below and refer to the template's documentation to see what parameters are required. If there are multiple templates of a certain type, use the most specific one.

Name Purpose
{{Ammunition Template}} For Ammunition
{{Attachment Template}} For Attachments
{{Backpack Template}} For Backpacks
{{Book Template}} For Books
{{Building Template}} For Buildings
{{Clothing Template}} For Clothing (not Backpacks)
{{Container Template}} For Containers
{{Equipment Template}} For Equipment (not Books, Containers)
{{Food Template}} For Food and Drink
{{Location}} For Locations
{{Magazine Template}} For Magazines
{{Medical Template}} For Medical Supplies
{{MeleeInfobox}} For Melee Weapons
{{RangedWeaponPage}} For Ranged Weapons
{{Vegetation Template}} For Vegetation
{{Vehicle Template}} For Vehicles
{{Wildlife Template}} For Wildlife

General Use Templates[]

Name Purpose
{{Crafting Template}} For showing the parts and steps of a crafting recipe.
{{Poison}} For denoting an item as unsafe for consumption.
{{Hazard}} For outlining a hazard in the environment.
{{MilitaryLocs}} To list all military locations without having to copy/paste them and being updated automatically.

Legal Notices[]

Name Purpose
{{Copyright game}} Used to provide copyright notice for files on the wiki related to game assets.