DayZ Wiki

These Wiki Rules are what each user of this site must follow, as per the new Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy.


  • Keep it civil - we are a wiki about the video game DayZ, no need to be insulting of people in your language. Any targeted/derogatory language used or harrassment on the site - either on pages, talk pages, user comment sections or even on our linked Discord will result in anything from warnings to bans. Just be nice! It's a video game. There's much more important things to be worked up about.
  • No excessive self-promotion - If you have a constant history of edits where it's solely pushing your own videos, sites, socials etc, we will remove edits.
  • Follow Wiki guidelines for editing - Use guides on Gamepedia or Fandom to learn how to properly edit on this wiki - alternatively we have our own guides on getting started editing, and our own Manual of Style for consistency in edits across the site. Read these or simply ask an admin for input if you're not sure!
  • No spam, vandalism, or joke edits - Any of these will be reverted, and continual ones will result in timed bans from editing. We're sure there's better ways to spend your time instead of adding random words to a video game wiki page four times a week.
  • Admins reserve the right to perform any action deemed appropriate including things not written here.

Please read through the Community portal for additional information on editing and site admins. And again, ask the admins any questions you might have, no matter how small!