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There are nearly as many different ammunition types as there are guns in DayZ.

Just as the guns inside the game are designed after real-life weapons, so are the ammunition cartriges, shells, bolts and grenades.

Both the Mod:100Rnd. M240 Mag and the Mod:200Rnd. M249 Belt take up 2 inventory spaces.

Players can Mod:Convert Magazines of some types of ammunition

With the update, most ammunition can be seen on the ground, unlike before when most ammunition came in small green bags. This change has some bugs; for instance, some shotgun shells appear as pistol ammo when on the ground.

Sidearms[ | ]

Crossbow[ | ]

Light Machine Gun[ | ]

Shotgun[ | ]

Submachine Guns[ | ]

Assault Rifle[ | ]

Sniper Rifle[ | ]