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The "Debug Plains" is an unofficial name for the procedurally-generated terrain outside of the 15.36 kilometre dimensions of the ChernarusPlus map.

General[ | ]

There are no structures or loot of any kind anywhere in the plains, and how the terrain generates is dependent on the terrain of the map itself. The ocean to the east and south is also a result of this procedural generation. In the water, beyond the map, you will see islands pop up every so often, including Debug Island to the southeast. Items and tents can be placed at the Debug Plains but will be removed upon a server restart to prevent players from hiding their base. While the plains theoretically generate forever, further out they become increasingly buggy before eventually crashing the game. From testing in the offline mode (as attempting to test most of the following normally is impossible), the debug plains can be split into 4 sections:

  • Explorable Plains
  • Unexplorable Plains
  • Stripelands
  • Theoretical Debug Plains

Explorable Plains[ | ]

The "Explorable Plains" constitutes a square, the four vertices of which being coordinates:

X: -75000 Y: 90352 (NW)
X: 90352, Y: 90352 (NE)
X: -75000, Y: -75000 (SW)
X: 90352, Y: -75000 (SE)

Within this area the terrain still has collision, meaning that a player can walk anywhere within this square. For comparison, the ChernarusPlus map itself has an area of 235.9296 km2, whereas the "Explorable Plains" has an area of 27,105.354304 km2.

The NW and NE coordinates respectively represent the most north-westerly and north-easterly points a player could theoretically walk to.

Unexplorable Plains[ | ]

This area lies beyond the coordinates of the Explorable Plains. The Unexplorable Plains are aesthetically the same as the Explorable Plains, except that there is no collision, meaning that the player would fall through the map if they tried to enter. It may be possible to travel on the ocean in the southern part of this to the south and east, as the player will continue to swim rather than clip through the map.

Stripelands[ | ]

The "Stripelands" are an unusual phenomenon occurring beyond the following coordinates:

X: -268,436,150 and 134,218,000
Y: 268,435,150 and -134,218,000

The terrain beyond this point is fragmented by horizontal lines either going east/west or north/south, depending on whether encountering them at the X or Y axis. Proceeding further amplifies this effect, until eventually the game crashes at approx. X/Y coordinates +/- 8,053,000,000.

Theoretical Debug Plains[ | ]

The "Theoretical Debug" is the area beyond approx. X/Y coordinates +/- 8,053,000,000 - 8 billion and 53 million metres (8,053,000 kilometres) from the ChernarusPlus map itself. Needless to say, it is impossible to get here by legitimate means. From testing, the game crashes shortly after this point, however more testing needs to be carried-out to determine how much hardware affects these values.

Gallery[ | ]