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Озеро Глубокое
Lake Glubokoe
Deep Lake
LakeGlubokoe map.png
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Grid Reference017 005
LakeGlubokoe2 1.jpg
A View of Deep Lake

Deep Lake is a large, blob-like lake found in the extreme north-west of South Zagoria. It is located immediately to the east of Tisy Military Base and south of New Fields.


Given the number of fishing boats strewn around, the lake was likely a popular fishing spot for the local populace in the New Fields - Grozovoy Pass area pre-outbreak. In terms of size, the lake is one of the largest inland bodies of water on the map, roughly comparable to Black Lake, and is as equally scenic in its own unique way. The lake is either the terminus or origin point of the green difficulty hiking trail that stretches all the way to Solnechny, depending on where point you start from.



  • From 0.28, Deep Lake (then unnamed) had been an empty crater, akin to a meteor crash-site - it was only in version 0.60 that water was added.
  • The lake is commonly known by the Russification of it's English name - Lake Glubokoe.