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Dichina (Russian: Дичина, translated as "Game") is a vast moorland[1] in the western region of the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Few other areas in South Zagoria can compare to the sheer size of Dichina's moors, stretching from Vybor and Kabanino in the north, to the outskirts of Rogovo and Pogorevka in the east, to the base of Green Mountain and the Sosnovy Pass in the south and to Pustoshka in the west. Within this huge expanse lies the small, but relatively prominent, hill of Veresnik, akin to a bump on an otherwise smooth surface, it's neighbouring military installation and the small locality of Matveyevo and its ponds in the south near the road to Rogovo.

Two kolkhoz from the Soviet era can be found in the southern area of Dichina, evidently making good use of the location's agricultural potential - this is further evidenced by various pieces of farm machinery and hay bales laid strewn about the moor. There exists an extensive irrigation system, taking water from Dubnik, Dichina's smaller sister to the north-west, through Verbnik, into the moorland, past the military base, under Vybor bridge and ultimately into the western river which eventually deposits into the Green Sea at Calm Bay.

Despite the outbreak, a variety of animals can still be found roaming its fields, both wild and domesticated: cows, hens, pigs, roe deer, wild boar and hares.

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References[ | ]

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