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Dubnik (Russian: Дубник) is a sloping series of fields and woodland in South Zagoria, Chernarus, that separates the village of Lopatino to the west from the extensive Vybor Air Base to the east.

General[ | ]

Dubnik is devoid of any notable loot, with the main attractions from a scavenger's perspective perhaps being the solitary deer stand and lone feed shack found among patches of woodland within the locality. For many survivors, Dubnik serves solely as a region to pass through to get to Vybor Air Base, with the base's proximity often demanding a heightened sense of awareness when travelling through the area.

Dubnik's desolation is demonstrated by the lack of paved roads into the area, as only unpaved roads and dirt tracks lead into the deeper sections of field and forest. Isolation hasn't completely hindered Dubnik however, as its fields and forests are known to be inhabited by cattle and boar.

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