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Engraved Kolt 1911
Category Weapons > Ranged
Type Handgun
Cartridge .45 ACP Rounds
Repairable With Gun Cleaning Kit
Size 2x2 (4 Slots)
Weight 1 kg (2 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Internal Magazine 1-Round (Chambered Round)
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Range Low (160m Max Effective Range)
Rate of Fire Medium (450 Rounds/Min)
Recoil Medium
Noise 3 (Normal)
1 ((Very Quiet) Pistol Suppressor/Plastic Bottle Suppressor)
Zeroing 25m (Hip-Fire/Iron Sights)
Magazines 7Rnd Kolt 1911 Magazine
Muzzles Pistol Suppressor
Plastic Bottle Suppressor
Illumination Pistol Flashlight
Location Town, Village
Rarity Extremely Rare
Variants Standard
Semi-automatic pistol, fed from a detachable magazine. This variant had been engraved by an unknown artist. Uses .45 ACP rounds. — In-game description

The Engraved Kolt 1911 is a type of weapon in DayZ Standalone. It is a special version of the Kolt 1911 pistol which is functionally identical but boasts a different visual design, featuring engraved patterns on the slide as well as white grips with skull emblems


The Kolt 1911 is a .45 ACP caliber pistol, with good sights, accuracy, recoil and damage. Although having a lower than average magazine capacity of 7 rounds, it out performs most pistols in stopping power and gun shot noise when suppressed. The .45 ACP round is subsonic with a muzzle velocity of 260m/s, making it most suitable for a suppressor. As it will get rid of the suppressor pop and lessens the noise over a distance, giving you more stealth in bigger cities and high traffic locations from infected and other survivors. It's counterpart is the FX-45, while many players favor the latter thanks to double the magazine size and the ability to equip a pistol red dot sight. The 1911 boasts more easily-locatable magazines compared to the FX-45, making the 1911 far more favoured in early and mid game.

For a full overview of the gun and stats, check out Wobo's site on the Engraved Kolt 1911


Weapon attachments are any accessories or devices that attach to a firearm in order to add, improve or modify the weapon's functionality or performance. In DayZ Standalone these attachments take the form of sights/optics, handguards, buttstocks, muzzle devices, barrel and handguard attachments and gun wraps.




† Currently in Experimental.