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Since the 1.10 update food now decays with time into a rotten state. Consuming this rotten food can lead to Salmonellosis, Chemical Poisoning or if you are lucky nothing at all. Dry goods, unopened cans and drinks will never decay.

Food decays randomly inbetween 75% to 100 % of the time it takes for it to rot. The food decays 2.5 times faster if it is kept in the players inventory or hands.

If you log out with food in your inventory or hands the food wont decay but food that is left in a container will decay with time.

Meat, Fish & Fat[ | ]

Location Raw Boiled Baked Dried
Inventory or hands 1.08-1.66 hours 15-20 hours 21-28 hours 42-56 hours
Anywhere Else 4.5-6 hours 54-72 hours 72-96 hours 144-192 hours

Fruit, Vegetables & Mushrooms[ | ]

Location Raw Boiled Baked Dried
Inventory or hands 3.75-5 hours 10.5-15 hours 15-20 hours Never
Anywhere Else 9-12 hours 36-48 hours 54-72 hours Never

Canned food[ | ]

Location Unopened Opened
Inventory or hands Never 10.5-14 hours
Anywhere Else Never 24-48 hours

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