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Fortified Nest
Land Mil Fortified Nest Watchtower.png
Version 1.04
Locations Military Camps, Airfields
Tags Military
Types Weapons/Ammo/Attachments Explosives Clothes Containers&Storage Tools&Equipment
Loot Count Average
Floors 2
Entrances 1

Fortified Nests are camouflaged guard structures found in Military Camps throughout Chernarus.


These platforms are distributed at the perimeters of many military camps and served the purpose to survey and keep watch over the surrounding region in relative concealment.

The nests are makeshift structures, visually built up of sandbags, duckboard, wire mesh, and camouflage netting. Despite this, using their height advantage to secure a position for a long duration is not advised due to their visibility and lack of cover from the rear.

These nests often contain varied high-tier loot, with assault rifles spawning in on the top deck occasionally and other military surpluses such as clothing and ammunition also a common presence.