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Camp Friendship (Russian: Дружба, Druzhba) is a summer camp located in the north-eastern region of South Zagoria. It can be found at the end of a lone paved road emanating from Khelm and is surrounded by forest, making it one of the most remote camps in the region.

General[ | ]

Camp Friendship lies in the shadow of Klen, a large hill which can be found short distance to the north. The camp is quite large, consisting of nine signature camp houses and a lodge. Various small ponds straddle the length of the camp, with an artificial body of water, perhaps used for teaching how to swim or fish, to the rear of the camp. Before the outbreak, the camp would have been catered towards school children for educational purposes.

Camp Friendship is often visited by survivors coming from the Berezino area before proceeding further north or west inland.

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