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Galkino (Russian: Галкино) is a forest west of the small village of Bogatyrka in the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Galkino consists mostly of woodland, with only 5 houses located in the general area outside of Bogatyrka itself. Of these 5 houses, 4 are concentrated near a small pond inside the wood; as a result, survivors often conflate the name "Galkino" with this small unofficial settlement.

Steep slopes and rocky ridges can be found to the west and north where the forest is is bounded by the western river. A water pump can be found next to a blue hiking trail which passes through the settlement, the first/last on that trail and something that nearby Bogatyrka lacks. Pigs and wolves are known to inhabit the grounds of the forest, the latter around the aforementioned houses and the former between said houses and Bogatyrka.

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  • Galkino was made an official location in the 0.63 update