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The Gamescom DayZ Beta Demo was a demo that was only a portion of the fully fledged DayZ update build known as .63 (BETA) that was only playable at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

General[ | ]

This short lived demo was shown at Gamescom 2017, first playable in August 23rd, and ended on August 26th. This particular build of DayZ previewed mainly only on the new animation system, particles, player controller, damage system, placement system, and other minuscule features. The demo was not a full version of the DayZ Beta, and was only a slice of the full Beta to show the community on the big changes to the player controlle, as well as talks about other big features such as Base Building coming to the full .63 Beta update.

The community was also able to voice their feedback to the developers about the build, how it felt, and concerns for the experimental version of the Beta. A small amount of the DayZ Development team went to Gamescom and presented every community player and new comers on how to handle to new controls and questions about the Beta. Around 20 computers were set up, allowing users to play the demo together via LAN, which they were placed in a smaller version of Chernarus set around Staroye.