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Gas Poisoning
Type Illness
Effects Coughing, Vomiting, Unconsciousness
Health & Shock Damage
Causes Contaminated Zone

PO-X Antidote,

Non Tainted IV Blood Bag

Gas Poisoning is a type of illness in DayZ Standalone.


Entering a contaminated zone without wearing a full NBC suit and gas mask.


While being poisoned by Gas Poisoning, survivors are subject to the following effects over 3 stages:

Stage Exposure Time Effect
Stage 1 On Zone Entry Any amount of exposure will result in any

blood collected from you will become tainted.

Stage 2 25 seconds Coughing every 20 - 40 seconds, Causing 50 Blood damage
Vomiting every 3 - 5 minutes, Causing 250 Blood Damage
Stage 3 1 minute, 20 seconds Knocked Unconscious
3 Health damage per second until dead


When a survivor has Gas Poisoning, using a PO-X Antidote will treat them based on what stage of contamination the survivor has. In stages 1 or 2 the PO-X Antidote will instantly cure the user of Gas Poisoning. If the survivor is within stage 3 they will be woken from their Unconsciousness and their contamination stage will be set back to stage 2.

A blood transfusion with a non tainted IV Blood Bag will cure Gas Poisoning but only if the transfusion is done outside a gas containment zone.

The player can also use Tetracycline Pills to help cure gas poisoning if they are in stage 1.

Tainted Blood Bag[]

A Tainted IV Blood Bag is made when you collect blood from someone who is in the gas or has been exposed to the gas. Tainted blood will produce no ill effects and give you blood like a normal IV Blood Bag but it will not cure Gas Poisoning unlike its non tainted counterpart.