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Gieraltów is the largest settlement in the south-east of Livonia. You can find a variety of loot here, both military and civilian. Be sure to check the surrounding fields as helicopter crash sites can be found.

General[ | ]

The spread-out city of Gieraltów is one of Livonia's largest farm centered cities following that of Sitnik. Similar to Topolin the cities Church watches over the land and is the highest point for multiple kilometers. There seemed to be strong, last-minute, preparation for the military presence within this city. The core of Gieraltów is the most fortified with both military fortification and civilian made barricades. Gieraltów was probably one of the first cities to fall. When the city fell, word must have gotten out of the Infected because just north in Sitnik, fortifications are a lot more vast, being on most main roads leading into the town. There is no gas station in this city, so if you travel here by vehicle make sure you have plenty of gasoline.

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