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{{Consumable Box
|img=[[File:Item Chemlights.png|100px|centre]]
|effect_player=*Will provide light in a small radius ~5m
*Can be seen glowing from up to:
*Blue - visible within 35m
*Red - visible within 55m
*Green - visible within 75m
*Can easily be seen using night vision
*Very difficult to see from further than 50m
|effect_zombie=*Zombies from a close range may be attracted to thrown chemlights
|duration=60 Minutes
|location=[[Loot#Residential.2FCivilian|Residential/Civilian]], [[Loot#Industrial|Industrial]], [[Loot#Helicopter Crash Sites|Heli Crash Site]], [[Loot#General Military|General Military]], [[Loot#Barracks|Barracks]], Policeman [[Zombies]]
Chemlights are a versatile light source that can be thrown and carried once thrown. They provide a small amount of ambient light but can be viewed from quite a distance. Zombies are attracted to the light emitted by chemlights.
== DayZ Info ==
Can be used to keeping track of people in groups but also opens you up to being spotted by bandits, can also be used by bandits to attract players to an untimely demise.
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