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Gornoye Berezino (Russian: Горное Березино, translated as "Upland Berezino" or "Highland Berezino") is a field south of the town of Berezino in the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria. It, along with Pod Soborom and Nad Mstoy, is notable for being referenced only by hiking trail sign posts and not being labelled on the hiking map or tourist map.

General[ | ]

Perhaps the most notable attraction in Gornoye Berezino is a small unmarked hamlet consisting of four houses, centred in a small field north-west of one of Nizhnee's apple orchards. A variety of wildlife are known inhabit the area; cows in the fields between the hamlet and the coast, chickens in the hamlet itself, red deer in the fields and forests to the west of the paved road running north/south, and wild boar in the northern fields on the approaches to Berezino.

Survivors can easily reach Gornoye Berezino by travelling along the blue hiking trail between Nizhnee and Dubina.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Gornoye Berezino does not appear on any in-game map, yet has a tourist sign post.