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Green Mountain Military Base is a small military installation situated atop Green Mountain - between Zelenogorsk and Pogorevka - in South Zagoria. Due to being centred around a large radio tower, the base is easily locatable and attracts survivors from afar.

General[ | ]

Green Mountain Military Base can be accessed via two quaint unpaved tracks leading to the summit of Green Mountain via the south-east and north-west. From a distance, the only indication of anything notable at the top of the mountain is the large radio tower, the only one of its type in the region; due to its uniqueness, the tower can serve as a useful navigational guide for traversing the south-west area of the region.

The base itself consists of an outer perimeter fence and inner concrete wall which form a central compound, wherein lies a guardhouse, barracks, military prison and the aforementioned radio tower. It should be noted that the outer wire fence is in remarkable condition, to the frustration of many survivors trying to gain entry.

History & Legend[ | ]

Survivors can only speculate about the base's history and what role, if any, it may have played before and during the outbreak. One of the more popular theories alleges that the facility played a key role in the systematic extermination of the civilian populace, as can be seen throughout the region in the form of mass graves. Others claim to have heard radio transmissions emanating from the base when in possession of a handheld transceiver. Many also claim to have experienced unusual behaviour by other survivors/infected at the base. This has resulted in claims the site is "haunted", although such "stories" often lack substantial - or any - evidence.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The radio tower present at the base is based off the real-life Cukrak Transmitter near Prague.