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Grozovoy Pass (Russian: Грозовой Перевал, Grozovoy Pereval, translated as "Storm Pass") is a mountain pass found in the north-west of South Zagoria, immediately to the north of Tisy. It is perhaps one of the more recognisable and widely-known mountain passes found in the region.

General[ | ]

Grozovoy Pass is formed by the Black Rocks to the east and Vidy to the west, and is only about 4km from the Russian border. Travelling up the pass will eventually lead the player to the Debug Plains. There are two single-track paved roads that split off to the west (leading to New Fields and Tisy Military Base) and east (leading to Camp Pobeda, Stary Yar and Skalka). Otherwise, the area is simply a beautiful valley to be enjoyed for its views.

Pre-outbreak[ | ]

There is substantial evidence that the CDF attempted to block a mass exodus of Chernarussian civilians leaving South Zagoria, presumably in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus; this can be seen in the form of a series of temporary checkpoints and a large build-up of cars on the southern approach, just outside of Tisy. Also of note is a build-up of vehicles on the northern approach coming from the direction of Russia, which would further suggest that the entirety of South Zagoria was in a state of lockdown, with no civilians allowed in or out; this is also supported by the presence of military checkpoints at the other two major road exits of South Zagoria near Calm Bay and Three Crosses.

Gallery[ | ]