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Guardhouse (Police)
Version 1.04
Locations Cities, Military Camps, Airfields
Tags Police
Types Weapons/Ammo/Attachments Explosives Clothes Tools&Equipment
Loot Count Very Low
Floors 1
Entrances 1

Guardhouse (Police), more commonly referred to as police guardhouses, are single-storey outposts that facilitate various police-based loot, similar to what one would find in a police station. They are the local police counterpart of the military guardhouse.


The guardhouse is thought to have housed police officers on stop-and-search routines, due to their proximity to roads and the presence of computers. Within there is a small washroom, a locker area, and an office. There are more than 20 guardhouses across Chernarus, located on the outskirts of both military and industrial areas.



  • Originally, these guardhouses spawned high-tier military loot, until that feature was replaced in 0.60
  • Despite their loot type, the buildings have no official designation. There are no emblems or insignia, unlike other police structures.

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