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Guardhouse (Police), more commonly referred to as police guardhouses, are single-storey outposts that facilitate various police-based loot, similar to what one would find in a police station. They are the local police counterpart of the military guardhouse.

General[ | ]

The guardhouse is thought to have housed police officers on stop-and-search routines, due to their proximity to roads and the presence of computers. Within there is a small washroom, a locker area, and an office. There are more than 20 guardhouses across Chernarus, located on the outskirts of both military and industrial areas. Items spawn in the side room on the front-most desk, the side desk, on the floor, and inside of the cabinet. Items spawn in the locker room under the table, in the lockers, and on the floors. Items rarely spawn inside of the bathroom but when they do they are on the floor or inside of the toilets.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Originally, these guardhouses spawned high-tier military loot, until that feature was replaced in 0.60
  • Despite their loot type, the buildings have no official designation. There are no emblems or insignia, unlike other police structures.

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