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Guba Bay (Russian: Залив Губа, Zaliv Guba) is a large bay found in the north-east region of the ChernarusPlus map.

General[ | ]

The bay's features make it a great natural harbour, and most likely kick-started the industrial development of Svetloyarsk giving it an elevated status among other towns relative to its actual size. For example, when comparing Svetloyarsk, Elektrozavodsk and Berezino, the former is considerably smaller than the latter two, yet has comparable port facilities; it is reasonable to assume that the bay's port facilities not only served Svetloyarsk but Novodmitrovsk too, facilitating much of the importing and exporting activities of these towns.

On the upper coastline outside of the harbour breakwater are a handful of abandoned fishing boats, evidence that the bay was still used by some local to the area as a fishing spot. Further north up the coast lies the Sharp Rocks formation and further north of this the hamlet of Berezhki.

Following the coastline south of the bay leads to a small isolated lighthouse, presumably used to guide ships into the aforementioned harbour; further south is the rocky headland of Rify.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Aleksei Vasilii Guba was a rogue Soviet general and the main antagonist in the ARMA: Operation Flashpoint series, and his last name Guba (Губа) is a very possible reference to this bay in Chernarus, considering the fact that Chernarus was apart of the Soviet Union.
  • This is possibly one of several references to older ARMA titles or a part of the entire lore. Since all the ARMA games and DayZ take place in the ARMA Universe in some form, they are tied in with each other.