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Category Equipment
Repairable With None
Size 2x1 (2 Slots)
Weight 380 g (0.84 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Police
Rarity Uncommon
Steel handcuffs, useful for handcuffing your friends and foes. As they can be locked easily, having keys to unlock them is recommended.
~ In-game description

Handcuffs are a type of equipment in DayZ Standalone.


This item is used to restrict an individual's ability to resist or use objects (by restraining their wrists). You can use a key to unlock the handcuffs to get them back, otherwise they break upon the hostage breaking free.

Once an individual's hands have been restrained, they are able to struggle and to try and get out of them. The more durability the handcuffs have, the longer it will take to struggle out of them. To free yourself, hold Left mouse button, which will cause the player to wriggle free. It takes a player 20 seconds to wriggle themselves free from the Handcuffs. This is noticeable and is not advised if the captor is watching. Hacksaw, Pliers, Lock Pick and Hand Saw can also be used to break the handcuffs.

The time used to open handcuffs based on which tool is used
Handcuff Keys 3 seconds
Lock Pick 10 seconds
Hacksaw 15 seconds
Hand Saw 15 seconds
Pliers 25 seconds

Handcuffed players have the ability to change stance, and move at a decreased speed. Things in the hotbar can be placed into the hands, but the inventory is not available.

Tip: If you have a player restrained and you see them struggling to get out of it, simply punch them because it resets their progress.
You may also shoot them in the hands to suppress the speed at which they may struggle from the cuffs. This is helpful to defend yourself during hostage situations.