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A pair of handcuffs found in DayZ.
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • Used to immobilise a player
Location(s): Fire stations
• Schools
Restrain an indivduals wrists, restricting their ability to use objects, with this metal device. A key is required to unlock these chain-linked, lever locked handcuffs.
— In-game description[1]

Handcuffs are a restraining tool in DayZ.

Handcuffs occupy one inventory slot and can be found in residential loot spawns like houses.

A player can, but does not necessarily have to assume the surrender position before they can be handcuffed.[2] While a player is handcuffed, other players can look and take anything the handcuffed player has in their inventory. The player can also be forced to eat and drink food and non-edible products like rotten fruit and disinfectant spray.

Handcuffed players cannot move or interact with objects.[1] A player may struggle in an attempt to break free by pressing the A and D keys rapidly on the keyboard.

There are two ways to open the Handcuffs by another player.

Game history

The 0.33.114926 update fixed handcuff keys from disappearing after uncuffing thereby allowing repeated use of handcuffs.[3]

Image gallery

Handcuffs An handcuffs in pristine condition.

Handcuffs badly damaged An handcuffs in badly damaged condition.

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