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In DayZ the Health stat is a representation of the tangible life force of your character. As such, Health is an extremely critical stat to manage as losing enough of it means the death of your character.

Players can lose Health in several ways: when they sustain an injury, be it getting shot, stabbed, or falling great distances; when they are malnourished from starvation or dehydration; from disease or illness; and even from exposure to the elements.

Regaining and maintaining Health requires players to be fed, hydrated, protected from the elements and, if injured, have received proper medical treatment.

Overview[ | ]

Range UI Indicator Health Amount Effects
Maximum 100
81 - 100 None
Custom Health 2
51 - 80 Slightly Injured
Minimum 0
Custom Health 3
31 - 50 Moderately Injured
Custom Health 4
16 - 30 Seriously Injured
Starting 100
Custom Health 5
1 - 15
0 Death

Health, a core stat in DayZ, is perhaps the most important player stat in the game. A representation of a character's life, having your Health reduced to 0 results in instantaneous death. Easy to lose and slow to gain, Health must be monitored at all times.

All Survivors begin with 100 Health, the maximum that can be had, and lose Health from things like injury or starvation. Although the methods for losing Health are the same for all Survivors, the complexity of DayZ Standalone's Health and Damage system vary the amount of Health lost based on several factors. Even if two survivors are injured in the same way at the same time, they will still often lose different amounts of Health.

The amount of Health you have, or lack thereof, has a significant impact on your movement speed. The more injured you become, the slower your character is able to jog, sprint, and even crawl, which can make you an easy target for the Infected, other Survivors or feral animals.

There is also no method, either through items or medical treatments, to instantly restore lost Health. Natural Health recovery over time is the only method for restoring lost Health. Recovery speed is directly tied to Blood so it is important that a Survivor treats their wounds, stays well-fed, and well-hydrated and out of the elements in order to maximize their recovery speed.

Losing Health[ | ]

While losing Health is not ideal, it is inevitable. Either through combat with the Infected or other Survivors or from hunger and thirst, at some point, everyone loses Health.

Injury[ | ]

The most common method of losing Health, Injury comes in many forms and has a broad range of damage. From minor cuts to lethal falls, below is a list of common injuries and associated average damage.

Injury Health Loss*
Infected Attack 10
Blunt Trauma 15
Stab Wound 19
5 m Fall 20
Gunshot Wound 31

*Values are approximate averages and depend on several other factors

Exposure[ | ]

Exposure is a term used to describe poor health or death due to lack of protection from prolonged periods of extreme temperatures or environmental conditions. It is also often a reference to poor health or death due to starvation, dehydration, poisonous substances, or any combination of these things.

The same is true in DayZ. Exposure to the elements, dehydration, and starvation all cause a loss of Health.

Dehydration & Starvation[ | ]

Condition Health Loss*
Min. Max.
Dehydration 6 11
Starvation 2 7

*Values are approximate and depend on several factors

Dehydration, a lack of water, and Starvation, a lack of food, will cause your character to lose Health over time until food and/or water is found.

Hypothermia[ | ]

Condition Health Loss* Energy Loss*
Min. Max. Min. Max.
Hypothermia 3 9 1 18
Hyperthermia N/A N/A N/A N/A

*Values are approximate and depend on several factors

Hypothermia, a lower than safe body temperature, is perhaps more dangerous than dehydration and starvation as it causes a loss in both Health and Energy over time.

Recovery[ | ]

Health Recovery
Recovery Speed Health Restored* Required Blood Level
Minimum Less Than 1/minute 2501+
Average 2/minute 3750+
Maximum 4/minute 5000

*Values are approximate and depend on several factors

Health recovers slowly, overtime on its own. While Health is always regenerating, the rate at which it does so depends primarily on your Blood level, which is in turn affected by your Energy and Water levels. Additionally, every part of your body, including your overall health, regenerate at the same speed at the same time.

Much like in life, however, natural regeneration is the only way to restore Health. There are no items or treatments that will cause your character to instantly regain missing Health. However, a player can use a Morphine Auto-Injector to suppress pain and move at full health speed, regardless of their health condition.