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This article contains outdated information. Some or all of the information present may not be reliable until this page is updated - please help improve this article if you can. The Discussion page may contain suggestions.

This article contains outdated information. Some or all of the information present may not be reliable until this page is updated.
Please help improve this article if you can. The Discussion page may contain suggestions.

Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Helicopter Crash Sites.

Helicopter Crash Sites are random, dynamic events in DayZ that can provide highly valuable military loot.

General[ | ]

There are two types of helicopter wrecks: the American UH-1Y-Venom crashes and the Soviet MI-8 crashes.

The crash sites can be found spawning at predetermined, but randomly chosen, locations throughout the map. The wrecks are typically the source of the highest tier military loot in the game, spawning automatic rifles such as the the AUR AX, M16-A2, LAR, VSS, LE-MAS and DMR.

As of 1.14, a freshly spawned crash site creates a loud explosion that can be heard for several kilometers, making it easier for Survivors in proximity to pinpoint its location; however, crash sites are usually accompanied by 3-7 military Infected and are often a hotspot for other survivors, requiring Survivors to take caution in looting.

History[ | ]

Legacy (pre-1.0)[ | ]

In legacy DayZ Standalone, Survivors could come across helicopter crash sites at various places in Chernarus. These crash sites—either a crashed NATO "Black Hawk" helicopter or a Russian MI-8—spawned military-grade loot of varying rarity and provided the chance of finding the legendary M4A1 and its attachments. Furthermore, two different types of helicopter crash sites existed in this version: random crash sites and static (or fixed) crash sites. In both types, loot was only spawned when the server started, making the crash sites and the loot they provided extremely lucrative targets for scavengers and bandits alike.

With update 0.51, Steyr AUG Automatic Rifles and their attachments were brought to "Black Hawk" crash sites. In addition, the model for the "Black Hawk" wreckage was replaced with a UH-1Y crash site model. With update 0.57, the AK101 and 5.56mm Rounds began spawning exclusively at UH-1Y crash sites, and with update 0.59, the FN FAL and the 1911 Engraved began spawning at UH-1Y crash sites.

Random crash sites[ | ]

When a DayZ server started, three helicopter crash sites would spawn in Chernarus, selected randomly from a pool of pre-determined crash sites across the map. These sites would remain until the server restarted; three new sites would be selected from the pool, new loot would spawn, and the cycle would continue.[1]

Depending on the type of helicopter that crashed, Survivors could find different kinds of loot. MI-8 crashes would spawn Russian loot while "Black Hawk" crashes spawned NATO loot, including the M4A1. "Black Hawk" crash sites spawned more commonly and could be seen much more easily than MI-8 crash sites; a "Black Hawk" crash site would emit a plume of gray-black smoke from its wreckage while an MI-8 crash site would not.

Static crash sites[ | ]

Prior to 0.49, there were three static helicopter crash sites in addition to the random crash sites which guaranteed a crashed helicopter every restart. The following were their locations:

  • (040 130) - in the swamp area south of Balota,
  • (134 039) - close to the Rify shipwreck site,
  • (083 093) - in the abandoned town of Kumyrna.

Present (post-1.0)[ | ]

Since 0.49, the three static helicopter crash sites were removed entirely and the possible locations for a crash site to spawn increased to cover most of Chernarus. The NATO "Black Hawk" crash site model was also changed, being replaced entirely with a UH-1Y "Venom" model. As new items were brought to the game, the loot pools for the helicopter crashes were adjusted, and new mechanics like crash sites producing a unique sound effect when spawning and military-geared Infected spawning around the wreckage were added.

With update 1.14, MI-8 crash sites were changed to emit smoke plumes like UH-1Y crash sites.

Gallery[ | ]

Current Models[ | ]

Old Models[ | ]

These images are of older models of helicopter crash sites as well as old static sites that were removed:

Trivia[ | ]

  • Before 0.51, crashed helicopter at the random sites appears to be a Sikorsky UH-60 "Black Hawk", or at least a similar model.
  • As of 0.51, the western American crashed helicopters seem to be Bell UH-1Y Venom, or at least based on it.

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