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Getting Started[]

Check the Projects page to see if an effort has already been put into motion for the language you wish to translate to. If a project already exists, get in touch with the assigned Project Lead. If a project does not already exist, get one started by talking to an Administrator about your interest.

The Translation Process[]

  1. Create a new page, following the naming conventions outlined below.
  2. Copy the original English-language article in full, and paste its contents into the new article.
  3. Make sure all necessary notices are in place (e.g. use of the {{Project}} tag, Category tags, etc.) prior to beginning work.
  4. Begin translation of the article.
  5. When complete, remove anything temporary such as the above-mentioned {{Project}} tag.


  • When creating a new article, you'll need to add a two-character /languagecode to the end of the page name of the article you wish to translate. For example, if you want to translate the page Loot into Spanish, you would create an article with the suffix /es on the end of the name to form Loot/es. Please do not create articles with translated names; instead follow the main page -> subpage format outlined here. For a list of language codes, please see:
  • At the bottom of any new translated page you are creating, add [[Category:LANGUAGECODE Translation]], where LANGUAGECODE is the same two-character abbreviation you would be using for page names. Translating an article to Spanish would therefore need to include the [[Category:ES Translation]] tag. Over time, this will accumulate all translated pages for a given language into a single category.
  • For pages which require the use of an infobox, each template includes a "name" value which can be used to override the default use of the page name and instead display a translated version of the subject's name if desired (for example: Dýně instead of Pumpkin/cz).


  • Users who volunteer to translate an article should be prepared to assist in keeping it current as well. Data can be kept current regardless of a user's understanding of other languages, but text content may periodically need updating.

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