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Hemolytic Reaction
Gui IconBacteria
Type Illness
Effects Blood Damage, unconsciousness
Duration Approximately 1 - 3 minutes
Causes Blood transfusion with
incompatible blood type
Treatment None

Hemolytic Reaction is a type of illness in DayZ.

Cause[ | ]

 See Also: Blood

Survivors suffer from a Hemolytic Reaction if they are given a blood transfusion with an incompatible blood type.

Effects[ | ]

  • When survivor has received more than 75 mL (15% of a full blood bag) of incompatible blood, they will fall unconscious.
  • Receiving more than 175 mL (35% of a full blood bag) causes the survivor to lose 7 mL of Blood/second for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. In total, survivor loses 1166 mL of blood.

Regardless of the amount received, the survivor's blood stat will not increase.

Treatment[ | ]

There is no treatment or cure for Hemolytic Reaction. A survivor suffering from it will have to let the illness run its course.