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Hyperthermia is a character effect in DayZ. Hyperthermia is caused by the body temperature getting too high, usually due to being near a fire for too long or holding too many hot items. When your thermometer icon in the bottom right turns red or flashes red you are suffering from hyperthermia.

Prevention[ | ]

Hyperthermia is usually caused by staying too close to any form of fire for too long. This includes fireplaces, flares, and torches. Hot foods and heat packs also increase body temperature when held.

Treatment[ | ]

Hyperthermia is treated by decreasing body temperature. Avoiding heat sources; standing in cold weather, water, rain, or wind; drinking cold water; and wearing wet clothes can help with this

Effect[ | ]

Once suffering from Hyperthermia you will continuesly lose health aswell as water faster. This can lead to dehydration or death.