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Hypothermia is a character effect in DayZ. Hypothermia is caused by your body temperature being too low, usually due to the weather and wind or your clothes being wet. Your thermometer icon in the bottom right corner will become empty and a darker blue colour when you are suffering from hypothermia, aswell as you start shivering and an animation is played every now and then where you cup your hands and blow into them and then rub your arms with your hands

Prevention[ | ]

To avoid getting Hypothermia it is advised to not stay out in the rain for to long and if you do, you should stay under cover such as trees. If your clothes do get wet you should start a fire or wring your clothes or else you will get cold rather fast. You should also use highly insulated clothes and stay away from open fields to avoid the effects of the wind. Incase you do get cold a Heat Pack or any item that has been on a fire such as cooked meat will ensure that you regain your temperature faster.

Effect[ | ]

Once suffering from Hypothermia you will continuously lose Health aswell as you will lose energy faster. This can lead to starvation or death if not treated in time.