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IV Saline Bag
Category Medical
Size 2x2 (4 Slots)
Weight 110 g (0.24 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Single Use No
Locations Medic, Crafted (Saline Bag + IV Start Kit)
Rarity Very Rare
Variants Saline Bag
A bag of saline solution with an IV set ready for infusion. Used to treat dehydration and accelerate blood regeneration — In-game description

The IV Saline Bag is a medical item in DayZ Standalone that is not usually found in complete form. Instead, it is usually created by a player when combining a Saline Bag and an IV Start Kit. A saline injection is compatible with all blood types and it boosts blood regeneration for a survivor by 5 times faster than the normal rate, for three minutes along with greatly restoring a players water stat to further aid in blood regeneration and to combat dehydration. While blood transfusions provide more blood, saline is a much safer method since you don't need to worry about blood types unless the donor is an O- or the recipient is AB+

To use this item, place the Saline Bag IV into your hands and use it on either yourself, or another player via the bound action key (default: "F" on keyboard, "R2" on Playstation and "RB" on XboX). Both players must stay still, or else the action will be cancelled.