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Improvised Gas Mask Filter
GasMask Filter Improvised
Category Attachments
Used By Gas Mask, NBC Respirator
Size 2 Slots (1x2)
Weight 120 g (0.3 lb)
Weight Quantity 0.2
Quantity 100
Absorbency 24.9
Durability 80
Locations N/A (Crafted)
Rarity Unknown
Not the most reliable of designs, but definitely effective when in need. — In-game description

The Improvised Gas Mask Filter is an attachable filter for the Gas Mask and NBC Respirator in DayZ, introduced in 1.17 Experimental. A filter must be attached to a gas mask to enter a contaminated zone without contracting the contamination illness, alongside wearing a full NBC suit.

Improvised filters used outside of contamination zones will deplete after around 53 minutes, whereas using it inside a zone will deplete it in just over 5 minutes.

When the Improvised Gas Mask Filter is nearly depleted, the player's character can be heard gasping for air due to the lack of oxygen. This is an audible cue that it's time to switch out the filter or get out of the toxic zone and remove the mask. Improvised Gas Mask Filters can be refilled using Charcoal Tablets, you cannot do this with the filter in use, so make sure to bring two or more filters, or exit the contaminated zone for a brief time to refill your filter.

To refill an Improvised Gas Mask Filter, you can do so by combining the Improvised Gas Mask Filter with Charcoal Tablets, each Tablet increasing the remaining filtering time by 10%. As such, you require 10 Charcoal Tablets to fully refill the filtering time on the Improvised Gas Mask Filter.

Crafting[ | ]

Creating Improvised Gas Mask Filter:
Waterbottle New
GasMask Filter Improvised

Refilling Improvised Gas Mask Filter:
GasMask Filter Improvised
Charcoal Tabs
GasMask Filter Improvised