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Disease Icon
Type Disease
Symptoms Coughing, Sneezing, Fever
Causes Advanced Common Cold,
being cold,
contact with sick survivor,
consuming contaminated food or water
Prevention Avoid contact with infected Survivor,
Face mask,
Treatment Tetracycline Pills, Multivitamin Pills

Influenza, commonly called the flu, is an infectious disease in DayZ. It is the more advanced form of the Common Cold.

Cause[ | ]

Survivors will become sick with the influenza if their Common Cold is left untreated. This will happen in about 15 minutes after initially contracting the common cold, which can happen in multiple ways: by being close to another survivor sick with the disease as they're sneezing or coughing, consuming food and water items previously eaten and drank by infected survivors, or by prolonged exposure to cold. Once infected, if the survivors immune system is weak enough, this infection can result in the common cold, and then later to Influenza.

Symptoms[ | ]

In addition to Sneezing from the Common Cold stage, the survivor will also cough and have fever. Coughing and sneezing can spread the infection to other Survivors. The coughing will become more frequent as the disease progresses. The fever causes blurry vision, increased water drain, and an increase in body temperature, which can be measured with the Medical Thermometer. The survivor will also occasionally wipe their forehead, similar to how they would if near a burning campfire or other hot areas.

Prevention[ | ]

Avoid survivors who are sneezing or coughing. Stay warm or maintain a high Immune System strength. If your survivor is cold, Multivitamin Pills may be used as a preventive treatment.

Avoid sharing food and water items with survivors sick with Common Cold/Influenza.

Treatment[ | ]

Multiple Tetracycline Pills or Multivitamin Pills are needed to kill off the infection. Both pills taken simultaneously will allow a faster recovery than used separately. When the influenza has progressed to its worst possible state, curing it will require approximately either 5 tetracycline, 6 multivitamin pills, or 3 of each when used at the same time. Drinking water or eating food infected with the virus will prolong the recovery and increase the number of pills required.

The survivor can also fight off the disease with their natural Immune System by raising their Energy, Water, Blood and Health stats high enough.

It's worth noting that the sickness icon on the screen will disappear before the disease is actually fully gone from the survivor's body. For this reason it's recommended to take one more Tetracycline or Multivitamin pill, if they seem to wear off very shortly after the sickness icon has gone away. This will ensure the Influenza/common cold will be cleared entirely.

If the survivor has eaten or drank anything while sick, any leftovers have become contaminated with the virus. So it is recommended to discard or purify these items to avoid a reinfection later on.

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