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KAS-74U Lightweight Buttstock
Category Attachments > Buttstocks
Used By KA-101, KA-74, KAS-74U, KA-M
Size 2x1 (2 Slots)
Weight 450 g (1 lb)
Absorbency 0
Dispersion -0.0000499
Locations Military
KAS-74U (10% chance)
Rarity Very Rare
Variants Black
Green (removed)
A lightweight buttstock for the KAS-74U assault rifle. — In-game description

KAS-74U Lightweight Buttstock is a weapon attachment in DayZ. It is potentially found either in military locations, or found attached to the KAS-74U, but can be attached to any KA family rifle.

Performance[ | ]

The KAS-74U Lightweight Buttstock provides the smallest amount of dispersion decrease compared to any other KA-based buttstock, but still retains a standard recoil reduction. This means it provides advantages over having no buttstock, but is best replaced when finding any other compatible buttstock.

Weapon Base Dispersion Dispersion with KAS-74U Lightweight Buttstock Accuracy Improvement
KA-101 0.0015 0.001451 3.27%
KA-74 0.002 0.001951 2.45%
KAS-74U 0.003 0.002951 1.63%
KA-M 0.0015 0.001451 3.27%

Trivia[ | ]

  • The KAS-74U Lightweight Buttstock was initially added as the AKS-74U Buttstock in Stable patch v0.50.125369 on 5th November 2014, alongside the AKS-74U, AK74 and their rounds.
  • In patch 0.63, the buttstock was removed alongside most weapons awaiting new animations for the replacement player controller.
  • In update 1.05, the buttstock was renamed the KAS-74U Lightweight Buttstock and reintroduced alongside the KAS-74U.
  • The real life counterpart of the buttstock is the 6P26.Sb 5 metal frame buttstock for the AKS-74U carbine rifle.
  • In the 1.16 update, all the Folding Buttstocks were renamed to Lightweight Buttstocks.