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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Kamenka.

Kamenka (Russian: Каменка, translated as "Hearthstone") is the furthermost western coastal town.

General[ | ]

Although the town is quaint and small, it is perhaps bigger than Komarovo. It has decent loot for a town of its size as well. Heading north leads to three deer stands on the way to Zelenogorsk.

There are no more towns to the west beyond here. You must either turn around and go east, or head north to find other towns. The only thing that lies outside the town to the west are the grocery store, gas station located on the far side of Calm Bay, and most importantly, a small evacuation site at the end of the highway running along the coast.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • In real life, Kamenka is the name of several cities and villages in Russia.
  • Spelled Kamienka it's the name of few villages in Slovakia and Belarus.
  • Spelled Kamionka it's the name of over 50 villages in Poland and Ukraine (Кам'янка in Ukrainian).