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Kamensk map.png
CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
Grid Reference066 008
Kamensk 3a.png
A View of Kamensk
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The village of Kamensk is located in the far north of Chernarus, north of Severograd.


You will find Kamensk in the forests north of Severograd, to the west of the military base and mine that are associated with the town. The buildings here are fairly spread out with lots of farm land filling the gaps between them. The town also finds itself in the looming shadow of the mountain of Black Rocks, on which is situated a small ski piste and lift that stretches to the northwards town of Krasnoe.

This area is quite serene, and offers up all kinds of residential loot, but not much else.



  • In real life, Kamensk is the name of atleast 4 villages and settlements in Russia. It is also the name of the Kamensk meteor crater.
  • Spelled Kamieńsk it's name of the town in Łódź Voivodeship, Poland.