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Kamensk Military Base, also known as Troitskoe Military Base, is an old abandoned military facility located in the north of the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria, situated between the villages of Kamensk and Nagornoye.

General[ | ]

Kamensk Military Base is hidden far off the beaten track, with the only road access being a dirt track stemming from a single paved road that meanders through the neighbouring forest. The only giveaway of the base's location is the tattered remains of a stone wall that once encompassed the site.

Of note is the base's general state of disrepair, with a majority of buildings lying in a dilapidated state, including the central regimental barracks which has become overgrown with vegetation; many temporary fixtures such as military tents, fortified nests and sandbag fortifications have been integrated into the ruins of where these buildings once stood, perhaps suggesting the site was abandoned/attacked before/during the outbreak. The upper part of the facility is host to the only buildings that have been maintained - a large garage and three single-story barracks.

The Kamensk Underground[ | ]

Kamensk Military Base harbours a dark secret near its south-eastern perimeter; an inaccessible underground bunker filled with dead bodies. Survivors can only get a glimpse of the underground through a metal grate, although various pipes and presumably an accessway enclosed in concrete can also be seen.

The presence of an underground facility and a huge mass grave has naturally led to speculation regarding the history of the base, with many theorising that the facility is where the outbreak originated. However, without greater access to the underground, survivors may never know the true purpose of the base.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • This base previously had a different layout, with 4 giant stone hangars and the prison & barracks buildings were beside each other.
  • Prior to 0.57, the base had 4 underground bunkers, three of which were accessible; the fourth, inaccessible, bunker was the only one that was not removed. The three removed bunkers are pictured below: