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Karmanovka is a small village along the very northern edge of the map, just east of Novodmitrovsk and south of Dobroe.

General[ | ]

Karmanovka is usually shortened to "Karma" or "Karman". In Russian, Karmanovka means "pocket" and it is a very fitting description of this small village tucked away in the hills of northern Chernarus. While tourists may be attracted to its larger neighbor over the hill, Karmanovka has its own fair share of loot. Most of the village is smaller houses which are very spread out.

The town can be accessed by heading over the hill from Novodmitrovsk or following the road northeast from Turovo.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Karmanoŭka is a village in Belarus located in the Mahiloŭ Region. Its appellation originates from Germanic names such as Karimanns, Karaman, Caroman, Carman[1][2].
  • Karmanovka is the name of few villages in Russia.
  • Spelled Karmanówka it's the name of historic village in Poland which doesn't exist today.
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