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Kikimora (Russian: Кикимора, a mythical creature) is a large hill found in the extreme west of South Zagoria. With an elevation of 333m it is the 16th highest peak in the region.

General[ | ]

Kikimora has little to offer prospecting survivors as it contains nothing but dense woodland. Along with Bolshoy Kotel, it sandwiches Summer Camp Metallurgist and Tishina Dam in a narrow valley, through which the unnamed western river flows. Many players have probably used Kikimora as a sniping position without noticing due to its line of sight to Zelenogorsk Military Base.

Survivors who aspire to complete the Bor-Zabolotye green hiking trail will pass through a section Kikimora in their travels.

Trivia[ | ]

A "Kikimora" is a house spirit in Slavic mythology, residing behind a stove or in a cellar, emitting mouse noises in order to obtain food.

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