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Klenovyi Pass (Russian: Кленовый Перевал, Klenovyi Pereval, translated as "Maple Pass") is a large hill pass located south of Krasnostav in the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Klenovyi Pass is perhaps one the largest passes in South Zagoria, formed by a depression between Black Mountain and Klen, the former of which it likely shares similar etymology. Survivors leaving Dubrovka heading towards Krasnostav will have thier view engulfed by its vast expanse, spanning roughly 1.4km from the peak of Black Mountain to Klen. Approximately half-way up/down the pass is an isolated service station and small bungalow, the only buildings within the pass itself. A small distance west of the service station in the woods is a small log cabin, one of the few houses in the region not connected to any road.

The only road diverging from the main paved road up the pass is an unpaved track leading right to the summit of Klen; opposite this road is a small hiking trail leading to Zolotar atop Black Mountain.

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