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Kometa (Russian: Комета, translated as "Comet") is a recreational camp located in the southern portion of South Zagoria. Situated to the immediate south of Topolka Dam, the camp can be accessed via the main road north out of Elektrozavodsk towards Mogilevka/Staroye.

General[ | ]

Centred in a small valley flanked by Dobry and other unnamed hills, Kometa is one of the more rudimentary camps in the region. The camp is spread across the banks of a small stream running south towards Elektrozavodsk; on the eastern bank lies two camp houses and a clinic; on the western bank lies an additional two camp houses, a lodge and a playing field. A small wooden bridge connects both sides. As a recreation camp, this site would have catered for holidaymakers and tourists.

Post-outbreak, the camp is often ransacked by survivors from the Elektrozavodsk area as they move north to more lucrative towns such as Stary Sobor with the aim of acquiring some basic survival gear to aid in their travels.

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