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Krona (Russian: Крона, translated as "Crown"), also referred to as Nespesnov Castle or Lopatino Castle, is a huge castle in South Zagoria, Chernarus. Situated in the extreme west of the province, Krona holds a commanding position over the western river and provides an extensive overwatch position of surrounding areas such as Galkino and Rostoki.

General[ | ]

Krona sits at the summit of a large, rocky mound located at a bend in the western river. To the south lies Bogatyrka, Galkino and Rostoki, to the east resides a series of rolling hills near St. Gregory and the small hamlet of Zabolotye can be found to the north. The castle itself consists of two towers, two archways, various sheds and vehicles wrecks, multiple wooden stairways, a kiosk and a pub. The presence of the latter two strongly suggests that the site was a major tourist attraction pre-outbreak. Currently, nothing is known regarding the history of the castle.

Krona is an impressive spectacle even compared to its peers scattered about Chernarus; as a result, many survivors flock to the area for loot, scenery, or both.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • This location was added in the 0.62 update.
  • Nespesnov Castle, the unofficial old name of the castle, was likely derived from Peter Nespešný, a former lead designer on the DayZ development team.