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Kumyrna is an old, abandoned village on a mountain plateau directly south of Guglovo.

General[ | ]

Kumyrna can be accessed via a set of winding paths to the northwest (from Mogilevka or Novy Sobor), but is easier to get to from Guglovo. All of the buildings here are more or less just ruins, looking as though a battle or great fire occurred here at some point in the past.

There are a total of nine buildings here, including a church. All of the buildings are in ruins and the entire village was destroyed years before the infection, in the very early stages of the 2009 Chernarussian Civil War (shortly before the ArmA 2 "Harvest Red" campaign begins).

The story of the destruction of Kumyrna is a sad, tragic tale, even with just the little info we have. The official/canon references about it are vague at best and some of that info has been lost over the years and is no longer available. Here is what is known as well as what can be inferred with a reasonable level of confidence.

The village was the site of a battle between the Chedaki (aka ChDKZ) insurgents and NAPA rebels. The Chedaki were taking over many villages across South Zagoria at the time, and likely occupied the village first. While there is no direct info to confirm the next part, it is based on what we know they did to other villages, like Pusta. The Chedaki would secure the village, then rounded up the residents of Kumyrna, and the real horrors would begin. Interrogations, torture, and murder of not just those suspected to be opposed the ChDKZ's goal of re-integrating the country with Russia or who may have supported or assisted the CDF or NAPA in any way, but also those chosen just for their own sadistic amusement.

At some point, NAPA rebel forces arrived on the scene. Light artillery/mortars were apparently involved, but the specifics are unclear. No further information is known about the battle, which side "won" or at least survived the fight, or if any of the villagers survived. Given that there is no evidence of any attempt to rebuild the village after the war, it's likely only a few residents survived, if any.

The town is known for little to no activity due to a lack of supplies spawning here. Behind the Kumyrna church is a graveyard with deceased Chernarussians buried there.

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  • A static Mi-8 helicopter crash site located in the east side of Kumyrna was removed at one point to facilitate dynamic vehicle crash sites throughout the map. Prior to its removal, the wreckage provided an additional clue to what may have happened at this place. The site spawned military loot very early on, and military Infected could be found here as well, making the former town quite lucrative as it usually went untouched by travelers. The presence of all of these military elements suggests that Kumyrna may have been an innocent casualty during a conflict.