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Category Weapons > Ranged
Type Battle Rifle
Cartridge .308 WIN Rounds
.308 WIN Tracer Rounds
Repairable With Gun Cleaning Kit
Size 8x3 (24 Slots)
Weight 4 kg (8 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Internal Magazine 1-Round (Chambered Round)
Fire Modes Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Range High
Rate of Fire Medium (~600 rounds/min (Full-Auto))
Medium (~480 rounds/min (Semi-Auto))
Recoil Very High
Noise 5 (Very Loud)
2 ((Quiet) Plastic Bottle Suppressor)
Zeroing 200m - 600m ((200m default) Hip-Fire/Iron Sights)
25m - 100m ((25m default) Combat Sights/RVN Sights)
25m - 200m ((25m default) Baraka Sights)
100m - 600m ((100m default) ATOG 4x32 Scope)
100m - 800m ((100m default) ATOG 6x48 Scope)
100m - 700m ((100m default) NV-PVS4 Scope)
Magazines 20rd LAR Mag
Optics Baraka Sights
Combat Sights
RVN Sights
ATOG 4x32 Scope
ATOG 6x48 Scope
NV-PVS4 Scope
Buttstocks LAR Polymer Buttstock
LAR Lightweight Buttstock
Muzzles Plastic Bottle Suppressor
Wraps Ghillie Rifle Wrap
Location Helicopter Crash
Rarity Extremely Rare
Selective-fire battle rifle, fed from a detachable magazine. Open for customization with attachments. Uses .308 WIN rounds. — In-game description

The LAR is an extremely rare battle rifle in DayZ Standalone. As a late-game battle rifle, the LAR is chambered in .308 WIN Rounds. The LAR is only found in helicopter crashsites.


On vanilla servers, because of the CLE there can only be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 LARs in the game world at any given time. Any LARs that are in storage, on a player, or on the map will count towards those numbers.

Because of the LAR's high damage potential and extreme rarity, it is considered the best and most coveted rifle by many. It is the only automatic rifle in the game that can kill a player in a single shot to the chest, and because of the high damage no matter what helmet is worn, it will almost always kill with one shot to the head.

For a full overview of the gun and stats, check out Wobo's site on the LAR


Weapon attachments are any accessories or devices that attach to a firearm in order to add, improve or modify the weapon's functionality or performance. In DayZ Standalone these attachments take the form of sights/optics, handguards, buttstocks, muzzle devices, barrel and handguard attachments and gun wraps.


Sights and Optics





  • Before 0.63, the LAR was named the FN FAL. The LAR name is a reference to the FAL name, as the former's full name, Fusil Automatique Leger, roughly translates into "Lightweight Automatic Rifle", which can be abbreviated into LAR, hence the name.
  • The version in-game is an earlier version of the rifle noted by the vertical disassembly lever, this was later changed to a horizontal lever. The reason for this was that the vertical lever would catch on the soldiers gear and disassemble the rifle, resulting in an unusable gun in the field.


† Currently in Experimental.