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This article refers to the Livonia terrain only. For the Chernarus variant, see Towns and Cities.

This article refers to the Livonia terrain only. For the Chernarus variant, see Livonia:Towns and Cities

Livonia:Towns and Cities are the built-up, named, and road-connected settlements found across the map which offer players their primary source of loot. Previously inhabited and governed by the populace of Livonia, these areas tend to experience varying Survivor traffic based upon their prevalence, and are an important feature of navigation.

Sizes of Towns and Cities[ | ]

The settlements of Livonia come in varying sizes, from isolated villages and charred ruins to larger cities. Below these are listed in descending order:

Icon City Livonia Small City A fully-fledged city, these are defined by their ability to operate independently. This means that infrastructure such as train stations, police stations, fire stations, and hospitals are usually found within the expansive area of influence. e.g. Topolin
Icon Town Town A paved and established settlement, larger and more diverse in loot than a village, but may lack the amenities of cities. Tend to feature a town police staion or medical center. e.g. Lukow
Icon Village Village Villages are abundant and a Survivor favourite. Villages feature an assortment of houses and ocassionally a general store, and are less-travelled than their larger counterparts. e.g. Adamow
Icon Hamlet Hamlet As isolated groups of residents across the landscape, hamlets have few buildings other than some houses; sometimes a water pump. The smallest recognised settlement type. e.g. Kolembrody
Icon Ruins Ruin A former city or town that was once occupied but is now abandoned. Characterised by ruined houses. e.g. Borek

Livonian Towns and Cities[ | ]

Gieraltow 1a


Bielawa 1b




Dolnik 1b


City/Town Name X Y Sector Category
Adamów 0 0 West Village
Bielawa 0 0 North-West Village
Borek 0 0 East Ruins
Brena 0 0 North Small City
Dolnik 0 0 South-East Town
Drewniki 0 0 South Ruins
Gieraltów 0 0 East Town
Gliniska 0 0 North Village
Grabin 0 0 North-East Small City
Huta 0 0 South Ruins
Karlin 0 0 East Ruins
Kolembrody 0 0 North Hamlet
Kulno 0 0 South-East Ruins
Lipina 0 0 South Ruins
Lembork 0 0 East Village
Lukow 0 0 North Town
Muratyn 0 0 North-West Ruins
Nidek 0 0 North Ruins
Nadbór 0 0 South Small City
Olszanka 0 0 South Village
Polana 0 0 South-West Hamlet
Radacz 0 0 North West Village
Radunin 0 0 South Ruins
Roztoka 0 0 South Ruins
Sitnik 0 0 North-East Small City
Sobotka 0 0 North Village
Tarnow 0 0 North-East Town
Topolin 0 0 North-West Small City
Zalesie 0 0 West Village
Zapadlisko 0 0 North-East Ruins
Wrzeszcz 0 0 South-East Hamlet

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